Aircraft Inventory

This list represents the current projects in storage at our two locations.

* aircraft not for sale
** flying aircraft

1927Ryan ‘NYP’ Spirit of St. Louis NX211Project for static display—has a fuselage with wing ribs and spars only
1928Stearman C-3B Special NC6487 s/n 178*This project currently under restoration—MT NPA mailplane
1928Swallow OX-5 s/n 991 NC6711Project with fuselage and plans only
1929Curtiss Robin B s/n 135 NC315ERelatively complete project with OX-5 engine—a major restoration project
1929Travel Air 2000 NC9857A duster fuselage with good pattern wings, lots of small parts—good plans
1929A/C Builders Corp. “Student Prince” s/n 101 NC263V*Oregon’s first certified production a/c, Cirrus powered, prototype
1929American “Eagle” A101 NC844EAll major structures with OXX-6 engine—some new ribs, new tail surfaces.
1929Kari-Keen “Coupe 60” NC116NRare Coupe 60—all major components-Velie engines and plans
1929Timm “Collegiate” s/n 102 NC887EDuster fuselage only—numerous jigs and small parts with excellent plans
1929Timm “Collegiate” s/n 103 NC888E*Under restoration-Curtiss Challenger engine—almost ready for cover
1930Travel Air 2000 s/n 1412 NC167VGood wire braced fuselage, wing panels, many small parts and plans
1930Great Lakes 2T-1 NC830KFuselage and plans only—historic Tex Rankin aircraft
1930Prest “Baby Pursuit” —Last remaining Prest—unusual diamond fuselage—with tail surfaces, gear only
1931Curtiss-Wright “Junior” CW-1 s/n 1250 NC11880Good project with new ribs, spars, fittings, plans—Szekely engine
1931Curtiss-Wright “Junior” CW-1 s/n 1117 NC10938Second project—misc. parts, paperwork, plans
1935Heath “Parasol” —Fuselage, tail surfaces, gear, wing ribs, etc.
1935Fairchild 24-C8C NC15346Very nice complete project, many original details, bump cowl, Warner 145
1935Fairchild 24-C8C NC15347Sister ship—Paul Mantz—Movie history—not as complete
1936Cessna C-34 NC17054Very nice project but no wing—extra tail surfaces—Warner 165
1937Porterfield “Zephyr” NC20702Rare with lots of missing parts—Cont. A-40 powered
1938Rearwin “Speedster” NC19410Replica project—very complete—Menasco engine
1940Rearwin “Cloudster” NC25547Excellent project, minor damage, Ken-Royce 120 engine
1941General “Skyfarer” NC29025Very complete, nice project, surfaces covered, rare 2-axis control—GO-145
1941Interstate “Cadet” s/n 6 NC28314Very early small tail—fuselage, tail surfaces, gear, no wings
1941Interstate “Cadet” s/n 14 NC28324Very early small tail—fuselage, tail surfaces, gear, no wings
1941Interstate “Cadet” s/n 113 NC37270Another small tail—Callair history, no wings
1941Interstate “Cadet” s/n 177 NC37334* **Our 2nd Cadet restoration—still going strong after 30 plus years
1966Corben “BabyAce” N68647* **Built by my father and I back in the 60’s
1966Maule M4 “Jetason” s/n M4-5C N9850M* **An early cargo model with the Cont. 145 engine
 Woody Pusher—homebuiltAlmost complete project—needs to be finished
1929Stearman C-3B NC6154Pattern pieces, paperwork, and plans
1929Stearman C-3B NC6496Pattern pieces, paperwork, and plans—Pacific NW history
1929Stearman C-3B NC6499Pattern pieces, paperwork, and plans—Varney Air Mail history
1939Aeronca 50F NC22137A rare Franklin 50 Chief—needs complete restoration.